The Story

In December 2007, Erin was at her wit’s end.  For a long time, she had dealt with negative body issues, roller coaster hormones and a general dissatisfaction with life that all women at one time or other experience.  Fed up, she explored the idea of finding a new hobby in which to infuse her life with new meaning and creativity.  Her frantic search to find an activity that promoted self-discipline, a healthy body image, and artistic skill came to an end when she discovered bellydance.

Before ever stepping into a classroom, she spent the remainder of the month researching the dance, watching countless youtube videos, and working out to Rachel Brice’s drilling dvd countless times.  With the new year, she began her studies with both Kandice Grossman of Moon Belly Dance Studio and Asha Diana, leader of the Deva Dancers.  In May 2008, Erin began performing as a member of the Deva Dancers, dancing in both ensemble and solo numbers with Middle-Eastern stylings.  Late summer 2009, she collaborated with others under the direction of Mary Embree for the founding of the bellydance troupe Muses in Motion of which she is a current member.  Erin is also exploring the life of a soloist, looking for opportunities to perform in other cities as well as work with other fellow dancers in their projects as well as her own

Never did Erin expect to find the love of her life in dance.  She continues to indulge in her passion by training under Kandice Grossman, Megan Hartmann, Suhaila Salimpour (online classes), Mary Embree, and various workshop leaders.  Within the next few years, she is looking to become a solid instructor and is currently working on developing her future curriculum and visions for a dance company.

Erin would like to thank all of the wonderful women she has had the pleasure of meeting through dance.  By opening themselves up and sharing in classes and performances, she has seen true feminine beauty that continues to inspire.  Thank you!

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